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Secrets for Success

Helpful hints for a Successful Fundraiser

  1. Organization is the key to a successful fundraiser. You need to start by choosing a strong and committed coordinator. Your fundraising coordinator will be on the front line in determining the success of your fundraising efforts. Choose a person who is enthusiastic, energetic and organized. The fundraising coordinator needs to be responsible for holding group meetings, keeping your group organized and focused, distributing the cookies, collecting funds and making timely payments.
  2. Decide on a profit goal for your group. (For example: secure a commitment from 20 members to sell 20 bags of cookies each resulting in a profit of $1,600) The Fundraising Coordinator should arrive at a consensus on the profit goal for the group and clearly convey this goal to the group members. You should have a group goal as well as a goal for each individual participating.
  3. Choose your flavors. Our most popular fundraiser flavor by far is our classic crispy, crunchy Chocolate Chip bite size cookie. This flavor is a solid first choice for any group. Triple Chocolate with Nuts and Oatmeal Raisin run a close race for second place. Please remember, flavors are packed 40 bags per case!
  4. When you receive your cookies, it is important to distribute the cookies to your group members immediately. It is best if the fundraiser coordinator holds a group meeting to distribute the cookies to the group. During this meeting, the coordinator will want to:
  5. Review the profit goals.
  6. Review the selling dates for the fundraiser.
  7. Review the exact dates when funds need to be turned in to the coordinator. If following the payment schedule, the first payment (25%) is due in two weeks so the fundraiser coordinator should plan to collect funds from everyone before that time. A good time to start collecting funds for that first payment is about one week into the sale.
  8. Read carefully, because this is the most important hint!!! You must encourage your group members to start selling the cookies immediately! Don't wait! Unsuccessful fundraisers are mostly the result of procrastination. You can almost guarantee a successful fundraiser by encouraging your group to start selling immediately.
  9. Sell to family, friends and co-workers. Children should never be allowed to sell by themselves to strangers!
  10. Last but not least, Have Fun!
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